Benevolence, like research, is at the heart of Team Julia. The financial burden of fighting cancer can be overwhelming to an individual or family. By helping toward the cost of mounting medical bills, Team Julia’s benevolence efforts exist to alleviate this side of suffering. Part of the inspiration for our benevolence arm comes from the good work of charities like the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as television programs like Extreme Home Makeover. But the primary inspiration comes from the dozens of family and friends that have made a financial difference in Julia’s fight against cancer.

The ultimate goal is to spread our benevolence efforts globally with financial relief blanketing local communities around the world. However, as Team Julia expands, our strategy will shrink so that real people in the cancer battle will receive real help. Our benevolence efforts are beginning in our own backyard — Bellingham, WA and the broader Whatcom County area. Beneficiaries are being identified through our partnership with the PeaceHealth/St. Joseph Cancer Center. Moving forward, we will partner with multiple cancer institutes and organizations so that fundraising efforts remain local between donors and recipients.

The best way to help families with cancer is to cure it. However, until a cure exists there is the ongoing need to help alleviate the financial burden associated with cancer. This is why benevolence, like research, is at the heart of Team Julia.

For more information about our benevolence efforts, please contact our Executive Director Mike Pohlman at or 360.223.6525.

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