Team Julia’s roots go back to 2010 when Julia’s cousin Brad, knowing first-hand how difficult the battle against breast cancer is having lost his mom to the disease, began to rally family and friends in an effort to bring financial support to Julia’s family. Beginning with the Ironman, the idea was to encourage participation and dedicate athletic endeavors of any kind to raise support for the Pohlman family. It worked. People began to run and bike and swim for a cause bigger than themselves. Team Julia was born.

Fast-forward to January 2012 when Julia, never totally comfortable with a charity focused solely on herself (which Brad fully anticipated but respectfully ignored), began to dream about what Team Julia could become for others. This is when a movement to help one family blossomed into a global mission to eradicate breast cancer and bring immediate help to those in the cancer battle right now.

Team Julia’s mission is to advance research for the cure of breast cancer and offer mercy to families afflicted by cancer of any kind. The mission will be accomplished through the funding of a research and benevolence arm within Team Julia. This focus is motivated by a twofold conviction: (1) Team Julia believes the best way to help people afflicted with cancer is to cure it. Therefore research. (2) Team Julia believes that until a cure exists there is the ongoing need for merciful intervention to alleviate financial suffering. Therefore benevolence.

Research for the cure. Help for you now. This is why Team Julia exists.

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