To have known Julia Pohlman is to know how reluctant she was to have a page on a Website dedicated to her story. Julia did not crave the spotlight. Since childhood, Julia had always preferred to serve behind the scenes. But because she believed so strongly in the mission, Julia was willing to get out front in the hope of inspiring others to join together in the fight against breast cancer. Julia is the inspiration for everything Team Julia hopes to accomplish.

At the age of 38 and still nursing her youngest child, Julia was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. While the news certainly came as a shock, this wife and mother of four did what those closest to her expected: she fought. Because of her faith, love for her husband and children, and the charitable vision to serve others, Julia endured multiple surgeries, MRI and CT scans, blood draws, and chemotherapy treatments. Julia’s fight ended on February 2, 2014, but her quest for a cure and benevolence toward others lives on. Julia battled with a tenacity and grace that was extraordinary. In her honor, we’re resolved to do the same.

Julia was determined to not let cancer have the final word in her life. And by establishing a charity to support research for the cure of breast cancer while offering immediate help to families in the battle against cancer of any kind, Team Julia is one powerful means to that end.

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