Bracelets For a Cure

We love the grassroots movement that is Team Julia! People of all ages are taking their various talents and leveraging them for the advance of our mission. The latest example of this comes through young people making bracelets for Team Julia. Thank you Gwen, Logan, Jacob, Bella, Mia, Meg, and

Brian Porteous is One Tough Mudder

Team Julia is tough. That’s why we have representation at this year’s Tough Mudder outside Seattle, WA. And one of the best people we can think of to represent us there is Brian Porteous. His story is compelling. In fact, there was a time when participating in a Tough Mudder

Cancer in Context

Debra Sherman is a wife, mother of a 14-year-old son, Reuters journalist, and Stage 4 lung cancer patient. And, thankfully, Ms. Sherman is also a blogger. The title of her blog is “Cancer in Context.” I’m moved by the purpose Ms. Sherman gives for her writing. As she explains, it’s

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