Mayflower IIOn this Thanksgiving day I am thankful for countless things. Here are several:

  • Thankful for cancer patients around the world that inspire us every day with their tenacity and hope.
  • Thankful for skilled physicians who diagnose, operate, and treat cancer patients with expertise and care.
  • Thankful for family and friends who walk with cancer patients with practical love, timely laughter, and steady hope.
  • Thankful for encouraging and informative resources like Cure Today that equip and inspire cancer patients and caregivers alike.
  • Thankful for world-class hospitals and cancer centers that are mobilizing enormous resources (both human and otherwise) in the fight against cancer. Thank you Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Medicine, and Seattle Children’s Hospital (among many others).
  • Thankful to be a part of Team Julia as we join the ranks of cancer charities around the world determined to end cancer and bring help to those in the cancer battle right now. And thankful for the legion of people who support our mission through sacrificial giving year in and year out.

While thankful for everything on the list above, I am reminded of how much work still needs to be done. As long as cancer still exists our mission must advance. So we press on with gratitude for any accomplishments (however small) even as we remain steadfast in the fight.

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