F_LewisWe had a wonderful time at our first Team Julia Women’s Luncheon on October 18, 2013 at the Bellingham Golf & Country Club. This annual event is an opportunity for us to introduce the mission of Team Julia to new friends while encouraging people in cancer care. While this event was intentionally scheduled during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it was designed to move beyond awareness so that people are better equipped for the cancer battle.

We are deeply grateful to have hosted Dr. Frances M. Lewis as our inaugural keynote speaker. Dr. Lewis is the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) Endowed Professor in Nursing Leadership at the University of Washington School of Nursing.

Dr. Lewis has had an extensive career as a nursing researcher, with a focus on the impact of a cancer diagnosis on families, especially in partner relationships and with children. Her work has included study on the impact of Breast and Colon cancer, among others. In addition, Dr. Lewis is actively involved in training other health care providers in ways to improve the quality of life, symptoms and adjustment of adults with cancer and their families. This work includes national training programs in the U.S. and international training programs in Central and Eastern Europe, South America, and Japan. Recently, Lewis received a grant to train nurses in Russia to improve their work with cancer patients and their families. This month, Dr. Lewis presented as a plenary speaker at the Global Breast Cancer Conference in Seoul, South Korea on the relationships between spouses/caregivers and women with breast cancer.

Dr. Lewis received her BSN from Loretto Heights College, Regis University in Denver, an MN from the University of Washington School of Nursing and her PhD in the Sociology of Education from Stanford University. Additionally, she holds two MA degrees in Sociology and the Social Foundations of Education from Stanford University. She completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Johns Hopkins University and held an additional fellow position at Boston University’s Center for Educational Development in Health Policy Institute. Dr. Lewis has been a faculty member at the University of Washington School of Nursing since 1978.*

Many thanks to Dr. Lewis and the wonderful hospitality team at the Bellingham Golf & Country Club. And thank you to our event sponsors Larson Gross and Betts, Austin, Johnson. And most of all, thank you to the over 50 guests who gave us their time and generous support for the advance of our mission. Together we will be a powerful front in the war on cancer!


*The brief biography of Dr. Lewis was adapted from the UWMC press release announcing Dr. Lewis’ endowed professorship. You can read the press release here.

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