TJ_HeraldWe are very grateful for Samantha Wohlfeil’s recent story about Team Julia in the Bellingham Herald. Truth be told, it’s hard for our founder to be “in the news” — Julia’s nature is to not bring attention to herself. But for the advance of our mission of research and benevolence, Julia agreed to be featured. Here’s how the article begins:

Breast cancer can be hard on patients and their families emotionally and physically. But what keeps many from attempting to live normally is the cost of expensive treatment that may not be covered by insurance.

That’s where Team Julia steps in.

To help families live as normally as possible, the nonprofit helps with medical expenses so families can free up money in their budgets for things like sports team equipment and extracurriculars.

The charity was started in 2010 to collect donations to help the family of Julia Pohlman, a local mom and cancer patient.

“You don’t just get cancer, your whole family gets it,” she said. “You still want your kids to live like kids.”

A year ago, the family decided to turn Team Julia into a nonprofit so they could help other local families who might otherwise wait in long lines for funding from national organizations.

We hope you’ll read the whole thing. And as you do, we hope you’ll be encouraged to join Team Julia in this noble fight.

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