On this Thanksgiving day I am thankful for countless things. Here are several: Thankful for cancer patients around the world that inspire us every day with their tenacity and hope. Thankful for skilled physicians who diagnose, operate, and treat cancer patients with expertise and care. Thankful for family and friends

“Hey Cancer! We’re Coming After You!”

Love seeing Richard Sherman playing offense against cancer. Here’s an excerpt from an article at discussing his new partnership with the Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle: Richard Sherman is talking trash again, and his latest target could be his toughest yet. Sherman has signed on as a spokesman for the Swedish

“I feel stronger having met her”: One person’s encounter with Julia

I welled up as I read the post below by Tami Mikkelson over at her blog describing what it was like to meet Julia recently at the cancer center. Not only is Tami a fine writer, but I think she knows Julia amazingly well. I trust you’ll find this tribute to

Baker Lake 50K Ultra – October 5, 2013

Julia’s cousin Brad needed a new challenge. Apparently several Ironmen and multiple marathons weren’t enough. And we’re glad, because Brad decided to run the Baker Lake 50K Ultra for Team Julia. What motivates a man to run over 31 miles at one time? In Brad’s case, a love for Julia

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