caregiver_familyThe National Cancer Institute has done caregivers at great service by publishing a free online booklet entitled, “When Someone You Love Has Advanced Cancer.” (Thankfully there is also a nice PDF version for those who would like to print it out and read a hard copy or give it to someone as a gift.) In the booklet caregivers are given information and encouragement to help them care not only for their loved one, but also themselves.

Here’s a glimpse at the table of contents:

  • Overview
  • Helping Your Loved One Cope With Advanced Cancer
  • Working With the Health Care Team
  • Getting Support
  • Life Planning
  • Talking with Family and Friends
  • Caring for Yourself
  • Reflection
  • Caregiver’s Bill of Rights
  • Personal Affairs Worksheet
  • Signs That Death Is Near and What You Can Do
  • Resources

Caregivers are on the front-lines of cancer care and play an indispensable role in the life of a loved one battling cancer. This is why resources like this are so valuable. Let’s help keep caregivers strong — for the greater care of those in the fight.

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