Team Julia believes the best way to help people afflicted with cancer is to cure it. This is the motivation behind our research efforts. With our headquarters in the Pacific Northwest we have the benefit of access to world-class cancer care through the Seattle Cancer Care AllianceFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and University of Washington Medical Center. Through strategic partnerships with these research facilities and others, Team Julia will be able to target giving to the most promising breast cancer research.

Not only is Team Julia committed to supporting financially the most promising breast cancer research, but we’re also committed to helping make the best research known to the general public. Whether it’s the University of Washington’s Center for Cancer Innovation, the Fred Hutchinson Breast Cancer Research Program, or the MD Anderson Cancer Center (to name only a few excellent research institutions), we want to be a platform to promote their work. Why? Because the medical advancements in the fight against breast cancer are very encouraging to those in the fight. This is one of the primary reasons we use social media tools like FacebookTwitter, and Google+ — to help educate the public about the most hopeful medical breakthroughs.

Team Julia is convinced that a cure for breast cancer can be found. The medical community has the will and the talent. With your help we can raise and allocate millions of dollars for the cure and hasten the day when breast cancer is no more.

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