Our mission to eradicate breast cancer and give financial assistance to people in the cancer battle of any kind owes it existence to our founder Julia Pohlman whose battle with breast cancer ended on February 2, 2014. Julia’s faith, compassion, and burden to ensure that her cancer was used for the good of others is what gave birth to Team Julia.

This alone warrants at least one day per year set aside in remembrance of Julia. To this end we’re excited to announce that April 20th, Julia’s birthday, is officially Team Julia Day! 

So what is Team Julia Day? Not only is it an annual day to remember Julia and be inspired by her grace and tenacity in the face of cancer, but it’s also an opportunity to rally support for the charity she left behind. We envision legions of people using April 20th to display their Team Julia gear, talk about our mission in their networks, and encourage one another in the fight against cancer that is all-too-real for far too many loved ones. We want Team Julia Day to become a social media phenomenon as thousands of people all over the world tweet, talk, and post pictures in support of Team Julia and in solidarity for the end of cancer.

THANK YOU to all who ordered your gear and promoted April 20th in your sphere of influence. And THANK YOU for posting your pictures to our Facebook page even as you included them on your own social media platforms. Let’s make next year’s Team Julia Day bigger than ever!

Team Julia Daya day set apart to hasten the day when cancer is no more.

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