Dr. Peter Bach (Center for Health Policy & Outcomes/Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the Institute of Medicine) is deeply concerned about the escalating costs associated with cancer care. In the video below, Dr. Bach reports that cancer care is “probably the primary driver of medical bankruptcy” and that “the majority of patients report depleting their life savings . . . because of the costs of cancer care.” And what is worse, Dr. Bach warns about the increasing rate of patients forgoing life saving or life prolonging medications because of the high costs associated with attaining these drugs.

The issues surrounding the alarmingly high costs of cancer care are complex. Getting costs under control will undoubtably involve multiple fronts. But this much is clear: cancer charities will play an increasingly significant role in bringing much needed help to individuals and families in the cancer fight. This is why Team Julia’s benevolence effort is so important. While we join cancer charities around the world in giving money to the most promising research for the cure, people in the cancer fight need immediate financial help. Dr. Bach is concerned about the alarmingly high costs associated with cancer care. Let’s hear the alarm and together make a difference!

To make a tax-deductible donation to Team Julia so we can help more people with the costs associated with cancer care, go here. And thank you in advance for your partnership in this vital work!

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