In “Overcoming Fundraising Fear Easy Compared to Cancer” we learn about Tory Grant, a cancer caregiver who is riding in a fundraising event (Obliteride – be warned: it may be possible, but I couldn’t turn off the introductory music on the Website) for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in honor of his wife Sara, a cancer survivor.

Among the things I love about this story in the Bellingham Herald is how Grant puts fundraising for cancer research in the context of his wife’s battle with thyroid cancer. He in essence says, “If you think fundraising is hard, try fighting cancer.”

Yes, let’s get busy with the not-so-hard work of raising money for the cure. If our loved ones can fight cancer, it’s the least we can do and easy in comparison!

You can read the whole article about Tory Grant and Obliteride here.

[Image Credit: Craig Hill]

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