Debra ShermanDebra Sherman is a wife, mother of a 14-year-old son, Reuters journalist, and Stage 4 lung cancer patient.

And, thankfully, Ms. Sherman is also a blogger.

The title of her blog is “Cancer in Context.” I’m moved by the purpose Ms. Sherman gives for her writing. As she explains, it’s in response to the outpouring of love she’s received since her difficult diagnosis last March:

If there has been an upside to this dreaded disease it is that people are so kind when they find out I have cancer, even nicer than when I was pregnant with my two children. Loved ones seem to love me more, or tell me so more often. Everyone wants to do things for me and offer help. The love has come from some unexpected people and warms my heart in indescribable ways. At times, the outpouring feels as if it could actually cure me.

With this blog, I have decided to take what I know and try to give back, in a way. I will share my experiences, and when I use my reporting skills to satisfy my curiosity about new treatments, the ups and downs of the disease, feelings of mortality and so forth—I will use the blog to tell the stories. The blog will report on the latest cancer research from the perspective of a patient.

I’m deeply grateful that Ms. Sherman is stewarding her disease as she is. We will all benefit from her gifted reporting and story-telling.

Praying that Debra gets to report on, and tell the story of, her cure.

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