Blood Transfusions and Vampire Weekend

Mike Pohlman | June 1, 2013

VW_ModernAlbumAs many of you may well know, sometimes in the course of cancer treatment blood transfusions are necessary. This was the case for Julia in recent weeks. Two units over six hours. Needless to say, lots of time to talk about things serious and not-so-serious.

One of the lighter things we had opportunity to talk about (that seemed more than appropriate given a blood transfusion) was Modern Vampires of the City, the new album by Vampire Weekend.

It’s good. We recommend it.

So, if you find yourself like us in a transfusion (or infusion) chair any time soon and are in need of new music, Vampire Weekend will sound great on a playlist.

Now, back to more serious stuff.

Mike Pohlman serves as Team Julia's Executive Director.