Mike Pohlman | May 22, 2013
  • How would you spend $50 million? - In what is good news for all people in the cancer battle now and for those in the future, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has recently received a donation of $50 million. The donor’s name is Lyda … Continue reading
  • What does that mean? - Have you ever been in a situation where you’re hearing words spoken but not understanding the words said? Unfortunately, this can be the case for a newly diagnosed cancer patient. This is how my wife and I felt four years … Continue reading
  • Blood Transfusions and Vampire Weekend - As many of you may well know, sometimes in the course of cancer treatment blood transfusions are necessary. This was the case for Julia in recent weeks. Two units over six hours. Needless to say, lots of time to talk … Continue reading
  • Decoding Annie Parker - I was just informed about a new movie staring Helen Hunt, Decoding Annie Parker. The movie is about the discovery, led by Dr. Mary Claire King, of the BRCA-1 gene — a gene with tremendous significance for not only breast … Continue reading
  • Cancer in Context - Debra Sherman is a wife, mother of a 14-year-old son, Reuters journalist, and Stage 4 lung cancer patient. And, thankfully, Ms. Sherman is also a blogger. The title of her blog is “Cancer in Context.” I’m moved by the purpose … Continue reading
  • Unleashing the Body to Fight - At the recent meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology a new class of drugs was shown to have promise in the cancer fight. From the article in The New York Times: The drugs, still generally in early testing, … Continue reading
  • Support For Caregivers - The National Cancer Institute has done caregivers at great service by publishing a free online booklet entitled, “When Someone You Love Has Advanced Cancer.” (Thankfully there is also a nice PDF version for those who would like to print it out … Continue reading
  • Speaking of Immunotherapy… - Last week we highlighted an article in The New York Times about some exciting developments in the world of immunotherapy. Now a complementary article in the current issue of The Economist also features immunotherapy as a promising new front in the war on … Continue reading
  • Who Owns the Fundamental Building Blocks of Life? - Thanks to the United States Supreme Court, we know that Myriad Genetics doesn’t. As The Wall Street Journal reports: The Supreme Court unanimously ruled Thursday that human genes isolated from the body can’t be patented, a victory for doctors and patients who … Continue reading
  • Susan G. Komen Names New Leader - Susan G. Komen For the Cure, the largest breast cancer organization in the United States, has named Dr. Judith Salerno as its new President and Chief Executive Officer. From the press release: Susan G. Komen’s Board of Directors today named … Continue reading